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2018 Volcano Project

2018 Volcano Project

2018 Volcano Project

Two women. One adventure. Raising awareness for Climb for Conservation and wild lands protection.

Kate and I (Madeline) are so excited to share our project with you. The money raised through this glacier project will be donated towards a non-profit dedicated to projecting our icy majestys: aka the Cascade Range of Volcanoes. We are toying with the idea of creating a podcast where we’ll talk about the geological history of the Cascades, interview fellow climbers, and host live feeds from our trip.

What’s greater than climbing for conservation? My passion and dedication towards ski-mountaineering has taken me all over the world to climb and ski. I have inspired people through my blog posts and helped influence the next generation of backcountry skiers by teaching courses. At the end of the day, I want to do everything in my power to make this world better. This volcano project has been on the forefront of my mind for years including the non-profit fundraising component. May 2017, I climbed 11 of the Cascades to the summit and back down on skis in 21 days. This past trip was a recon mission for next spring’s attempt to ski them all! And, I met Kate along the way. Here is one of my blog posts from the trip

We are dedicating June and July to climbing all of the Cascade volcanoes from California to Canada. Training started a year ago. We plan to string them all together: living out of a truck (Kate’s Turtle Shell) at trailheads or simply bivy out on the mountain. The exact start date will depend on weather. This past summer, I took Mountain Meteorology at my local college and have been becoming familiar with a few different weather modeling systems. Tracking weather will be key to our success in efficiently navigating the Cascade range. The current public record that we are aware of is 20 summits in 30 days. Our goal is to climb all 28 in one epic push. Certain summits such as North, Middle, South Sister Volcanoes and Broken Top can all be strung together in one go. There are others like Mt. Rainier and Glacier Peak that will take a full day or more to themselves: travel included. We plan to fundraise money to protect our beloved glaciated terrain through the project and donate it as a member of the C4C non-profit.

We know it’s not all great skiing but that is part of the volcano sacrifice. Yes, we could go ski only the sickest lines when the corn is good and not bother with the smaller volcanoes or long approaches. But, that is part of this adventure. The winter leads into spring and the skiing does not stop. Being out on these volcanoes in the spring teaches you so much more about the receding glaciers as you can see the activity and movement as the snow melts off the ice. Being on every volcano in this Ring of Fire takes you to another place. These volcanoes hold energy that we all can feed off of. They are alive with the ability to destroy so much that surrounds them and within that geological history lies the fuel to our fire.

Kate and I met last spring while she was working at the mountain shop. Kate and I immediately bonded over a few things: our obsession with trip planning and the fact that we were the only two women in the shop. Both of us ski-mountaineer, ice-climb and tend to gravitate towards sports that are male dominated. With incredibly compatible skill sets, Kate being a local and international guide and my experience skiing across the globe and working as an avalanche professional, we decided it would be silly not to partner up for something grander.

Kate had just returned from the AK range and I had finished the year out living in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. A few days after meeting at the Mountain Shop we skied Mt. Adams (in a white out while the road was closed) and later on in the trip we managed to connect again on Broken Top volcano. Kate also had this dream to ski and reach the summit of all the Cascade volcanoes in one season. With the two of us feeding off each others energy, we developed a bigger idea to set a record together as a strong lady team sharing the volcano addiction. It was then that our Spring/Summer 2018 Volcano Project was conceived. Since then, a developed plan has been put into action and sponsors are getting on board with the project: Feathered Friends, ORTOVOX, Nuun Hydration and more. We hope to build this into a video and podcast to inspire others and build awareness on the glaciers.

Check out this post from our friends at Feathered Friends:

The Projectors

Hi, I’m Madeline. You’ll find me where the hike ends and ascent begins. Ski-mountaineering and I are going steady. I grew up ski racing on ice in the Mid-West with glimpses of westward powder here and there. Earning my turns opened up new aspects of the sport of skiing I never knew could be so appealing. The meditation I experience while in the mountains is hard to match elsewhere. I am a professional ski patroller at Sunlight Resort in Glenwood Springs, CO as well as an avalanche educator and guide. I am currently pursuing an independent study with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center focusing on the development of a deep weak layer, “depth hoar”, and how that impacts avalanche propagation and recreational travel. I would eventually like to go back to school to pursue a PhD in snow science and this is a potential research topic for me to explore.

Kate grew up playing in the Chugach Range in Alaska and has spent a great deal of time climbing in the Pacific Northwest. She has guided rock across the globe and now lives to ski-mountaineer. Spring 2017, Kate climbed 11 volcanoes throughout the season and gained insight on what it takes to string these peaks together.


  • AIARE Instructor/Level 2
  • Outdoor Emergency Care Technician
  • First Aid/CPR
  • She Jumps Event Host
    in Aspen, CO
  • Recipient of the AIARE Kizaki-Wolf, AAI Guide Like Liz, & Flyin’ Ryan Scholarships 2018


  • Certified SPA Rock Guide
  • AIARE Level 1
  • Wilderness First Responder
    Leave No Trace Trainer
  • Rigging for Rescue

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