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Climbing Mountains for Local Conservation Causes


Mt. Elbert Climb for Conservation Team

2018 Climbs – Stay Tuned!  Announcing in October 2017.

2017 Climbs

Featured Mountain Guide Madison Mountaineering 

On each climb, participants will learn about environmental and conservation issues. Participants are also asked to fundraise for the designated wildlife conservation cause.  All trips for 2017 include both men and women.


June 11-17, 2017 

(BOOKED FULL, 13 hikers)

To Support the InkaTerra Andean Bear Rescue Center

Join us as we trek the sacred Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru and learn about the Andean ecosystem and the Andean Bear – the last remaining bear species in South America.

Team Captains:  Ginna Kelly



#2  MT. RAINIER, Washington

August 7-10, 2017

(BOOKED FULL, 9 climbers)

To Support the Xerces Society 

Trip operated under a Commercial Non-Pro­fit Special Use Permit (SUP) issued by Mount Rainier National Park.

Climb the highest peak in the state of Washington to raise awareness and funds for the Western Bumble Bee, a species at risk of extinction. Join us on this iconic climb of Mt. Rainier to learn more about the Western Bumble Bee and raise awareness and funds for the Xerces Society.

Team Captain:  Ginna Kelly



#3 MT. KILIMANJARO, Tanzania, Africa

August 19 – 27, 2017 

Safari August 27-30, 2017

(BOOKED FULL – 12 Hikers)  

To support the Mkomzai Rhino Sanctuary

Take on a challenge of a lifetime and join us as we hike up Africa’s tallest peak to 19,341 feet! Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for critically endangered African Black Rhinos. Before our climb to the “Roof of Africa,” we will visit the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary, donate funds we have raised, and learn firsthand about what the sanctuary is doing to preserve the rhinos and educate local school children.

Team Captain: Ginna Kelly



#4  MONT BLANC CIRCUIT TREK, France, Italy, Switzerland

  • September 9-16, 2017

(BOOKED FULL – 7 trekkers) 

Special Fundraising climb to support operations of Climb for Conservation, Inc.

Join us on one of the most beautiful hiking circuits in Europe as we journey through the Alps!  This is an annual fundraising climb to support Climb for Conservation and the operation of our non-profit.  You’ll not only enjoy stunning scenery and charming inns, but great food and wine as well.

Team Captain:  Ginna Kelly




Please contact Ginna at for information, price, and to sign-up for any climb!


Climb Leaders

Ginna Kelly


Kaitlyn "Kait" Schappert


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