NEPAL NEEDS US NOW Climb for Conservation, Inc. has many friends and colleagues in Nepal and in the mountaineering community on Mt. Everest. If you'd like to make a donation, we recommend the following: To Help Support Immediate Relief with Larger Organizations: Red Cross Mercy Corps Catholic Relief Services To Help Smaller

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed!  If you’d like to support our efforts to inspire conservation efforts around the world, please get involved.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with conservation research, grant-writing, and administrative work.  Any help is much appreciated!

Olivia Daane Reische Paints for African Butterflies

Green Girl Climber and artist Olivia Daane Reische of LIVASPENART has painted four butterflies, which are focused on African butterflies and other threatened species, the sales of which will be donated to Climb for Conservation. As Olivia says:  “I was thrilled to be included in this group of women, the “Green Girl Team”, for our

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