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Climbing Mountains for Local Conservation Causes

Climb for Conservation

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Currently trekking up to 15,000 feet around Machu Picchu

to raise awareness and funds for the near-threatened jaguar.


Green Girl Climber and artist Olivia Daane Reische of LIVASPENART has painted four butterflies, which are focused on African butterflies and other threatened species, the sales of which will be donated to Climb for Conservation.


As Olivia says:  “I was thrilled to be included in this group of women, the “Green Girl Team”, for our inaugural climb, in a series of peaks, of Kilimanjaro this November.  I had been eager to find a way to take my career as artist and gallery owner and passions for the outdoors and the environment and use them in a way that would broaden their platform, impact and the energy of my personal footsteps and voice.  This is the perfect opportunity to, as the C4C team has set as a goal,  “practice the values of courage, leadership, and purpose to reach the Summit”.”

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